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Official Notice

Post by admin » Mon Nov 07, 2005 2:49 pm

I would like to warn people that placing posts that may be of a libleus nature, will be removed from the forum, and the poster given a written warning. A simple post like 'I was unhappy with XYZ, Pm me if you want more details' is fine, as are recounts of bad experiences, that people can learn from. Do not name anyone specifically when you discuss an experience, or make it obvious in any way who you are talking about.

You are putting this site at risk if you do so!

I would also like to add, that any opinions contained in any of the postings here, are only the opinions of the person posting the message, and not those of the Notapushymum website. Whilst I can try and remove certain postings, this is a public forum, and neither I, nor my moderators can monitor all the postings all of the time. Our apologies, if any slip by...

Websites listed on this forum are nothing to do with Notapushymum, and do not come recommended by us personally. We have nothing to do with them or their content. They are purely links posted by other forum members that may be of use to other readers.

Any complaints can be directed to me at

Thank you
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