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How to use this Forum

Post by admin » Mon Feb 20, 2006 12:54 pm

Following some good suggestions, I have decided to open a new section on Reviews. Here you can all post your own reviews on any film that you have seen, that you feel would be worth others knowing about.

Maybe even awarding your chosen film with a number of Red Stars?

***** 0 stars: Not recommended
***** 1 star: not brilliant, but watchable
***** 2 stars: Worth watching
***** 3 stars: A good film
***** 4 stars: A very good film
***** 5 stars: Excellent film -recommended

Please note, that all opinions expressed are personal opinions of the poster, (not NAPM). Everyone may feel differently, so if you do, add your opinion to the same thread - it will help give an overall guide to the films seen!

Please only start a new thread for a completely different Film. And please, no reviews on any particularly obscene or violent films. As a rough guide try to review those that either have children in, or are watchable by children.

Many thanks
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