Jo Hawes short film casting

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Jo Hawes short film casting

Post by Ditzi » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:27 am

=P~ Just saw this on JH website, good luck to all Ds'!

THE BRIDGE A Short Film based on a best selling book THE SECRET CHILD
Written by Gordon Lewis Directed by Caspar Muller
DATES WC October 16 – availability will be required for approximately 5 days.
Auditions in September
We are looking for a number of boys aged between 9 and 13. All must be fair skinned and must be London based. All must have unbroken speaking voices. Ability to do an Irish accent helpful.
Main Part – Gordon is a small 9 year old with a broad, Dublin accent – he is quite able to stand up for himself, determined, sharp witted, likeable, inquisitive. His view of the world is somewhat shaped by being brought up in the 50’s in a refuge in Dublin for unmarried, Catholic mothers. His existence is kept a secret for many years even from his own grandmother.

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