Chaperone Qualifications

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Chaperone Qualifications

Post by admin » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:46 pm

Below is some highlights from an email I received about a training course that could be useful for many of you on this site:

Last year after many years treading the boards working as a chaperone. I gained experience from AD’s and Production - Co ordinators, and I wrote a training programme.

I am very proud to say my course is now City & Guilds Accredited.

The course is open to everyone working in production - dance school owners and teachers, chaperones, tutors, production AD’s and Co ordinators. I would like now to offer the course to parents.
Parents who like mysel,f want to know more about how production works - how to chaperone and crucially what the regulations are to ensure I meet them.

You do not need to hold a chaperones license to attend the course.

Certification lasts for 3 years.

The certificate would be good for local dance and theatre school owners to have on their websites.

I looked through over 60 up and down the country and only 1 had a nod to child protection and policy.

If I was a parent looking for a school for my child or grandchild - then I am only paying my money to the one who has a policy or child protection/ safeguarding guidelines on their site.

Below are the benefits of the course and a letter of introduction which outlines the course details - why we require it- who its aimed at - and how it mitigates risk.

• Delegates will receive a 3 year City & Guilds Accreditation certificate
• Skills Passport from Creative Skillset who support and advertise our course
• Accredited chaperones will be invited to host their details for free on the PART website - so they can be contacted direct for work
• Invitation to join our new BECTU branch, which I founded last year for chaperones

AT present the councils training is sketchy - many still do not train chaperones and indeed I am finding on the course, that some councils do not even interview chaperones. Any training that is delivered is by council licensing officers who have not been a chaperone to deliver effective training. Parent chaperones are not offered training.

PART - Practical Accredited Regulations Training - standardises training and gives continuity to produciton companies.

The course is not a safeguarding course but does in turn safeguard children and chaperones through the use of our audit trail - which delegates can keep and take out with them to work. This mitigates risk.
Please take a look at our website which outlines our course and company ethos.
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Re: Chaperone Qualifications

Post by Katymac » Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:51 am

Is it necessary to have this course to be a chaperone?

How does one become a chaperone? I was thinking about it for my next career change

I have an updating DBS, a level 7 in early years up to date paedicatric first aid (well I will when I complete the course I just started) - what else should I have and do I need to register somehow (is it like childminding you can only call yourself one if you are one)?

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Re: Chaperone Qualifications

Post by lotsolaffs » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:39 am

If you look at your local council website they should have details ours does.
They hold courses and are suitable for a volunteer or a professional one which is more expensive to do. I think it's well worth doing and something I have considered before .

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Re: Chaperone Qualifications

Post by Yorkshirepudding » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:47 am

Yes councils vary hugely in what they offer training wise. Ours offers very little, although you have to pass a sort of exam thing to show you have read and understood the requirements. I was chaperoning at an event in Birmingham earlier this year and the councils around there seemed to have significant compulsory training, which was great in some ways, but some chaperones seemed to find a bit offputting having to redo it everytime they wanted to renew rather than just being able to demonstrate they have the knowledge and are up to date.

I guess it depends if you are wanting to work professionally as a chaperone or whether you are getting a licence e.g. to enable your local drama school to fulfil its licencing requirements for its annual show. Clearly the kids need to be safe and propoerly looked after in both, but maybe for some people more in depth training would be useful if their council dont offer very much. Not a requirement though.

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Re: Chaperone Qualifications

Post by Katymac » Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:08 pm

Thanks Ladies - I need a DBS (have one) and a safegaurding course (booked through work) so I may be fairly easily sorted

Then I just need to work out how to find work!

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Re: Chaperone Qualifications

Post by amo185 » Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:13 pm

I have assisted extensively as a voluntary chaperone and have acted as Safeguarding Officer for my school. However professional chaperoning is different to just volunteering at your dance school or local drama group and I think it is advisable to know the legislation, the paperwork involved, your accountability. and what is currently required. If you have plenty of voluntary experience then adding the City and Guilds course (which is assessed) will render you more employable and give you the confidence to be assertive where required to ensure children's interests are put first. I found it well worth doing (although not cheap!)- plus you'll meet other professional (or aiming to be professional) chaperones. Enjoyable too.

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Re: Chaperone Qualifications

Post by islandofsodor » Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:24 am

I my area, regardless of whether or not you have a portable DBS or not the Local Authority insist on doing a fresh one.

I've been a chaperone in two different local authorities and have knowledge of a third. The process for all three involved filling in an application form sending it off with the details of two referees then attending the council offices for an interview. Two of the local authorities then insist on a 1 day training course, 1 doesn't. You are sent a copy of the current regulations and are expected to have a working knowledge of them.

Once approved you are sent an ID badge and certificate valid for 3 years.

One local authority preferred chaperones not to admit to first aid training as they said that dance schools/production companies should be providing a separate first aider who had no chaperoning responsibilities.
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