Clueless! What classes to do?

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Clueless! What classes to do?

Post by Simba » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:16 am

Hi all

I'm a complete newbie to the world of performing arts and I was after some advice on my 4 year old dd.

Hopefully it's goes without saying on this forum, that all I'm doing at this stage is following my dd's interests while looking at what would provide her the best foundation and options should she choose to carry on in this area later on. Also everything is subject to change as the social/school/extra curricular balances changes.

She currently does weekly
Acro 30mins
Ballet, Tap and Modern 1 hour
Musical Theatre 1.5 hour

She really looks forward to each class and I've really seen her confidence and language skills improve greatly as well as making lots of friends.

So I was wondering, going forward what else would compliment these sorts of classes? I've got her wait listed for singing as the list is so long for a 'good' school that when she is old enough her name will be near the top of the list.

What age is LAMDA exams from?

If the expense get too much would Acro be the class to drop?

Am I right in thinking that Musical Theatre is the best 'all rounder' and Ballet, Modern and Tap and the ones to keep up for a good foundation.

Sorry if I sound a bit over, but I heard that some things it's better to start young and then give up rather than try when you're older.


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Re: Clueless! What classes to do?

Post by jennifer1972 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:55 pm

I would say that is more than enough for a little one!! I would hold off on singing classes as her MT classes should cover all of the basics and many people feel that singing training should only start once they are much older. Acro will give her flexibility that can only be seen as a plus, as that is something dancers always have to keep up with. Just go with the flow and this time next year she´ll probably be into football!! :D

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Re: Clueless! What classes to do?

Post by pjw » Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:14 pm

Hi Simba

I think the overarching thing that anyone would say is that, at 4 years old, the most important thing is that she is enjoying what she is doing.

Can I ask, is that an hour each of ballet, tap and modern or 1 hour in total? An hour each feels like a lot for someone so young but if you feel she is coping then I guess there's no reason to worry.

In answer to your questions I'm afraid I can't help with LAMDA.

If money gets tight then the one to drop is the one she least enjoys. Even if that meant dropping ballet now, it would be better to pick it up again in a few years when she gets the taste back than forcing the issue now.

Musical theatre is great and if she gets lots of singing practice in that class then I wouldn't be in a rush to get private singing lessons for a few years yet but again if she is having them and enjoying them (and you're willing to pay!) then there's no reason not to have them.

In terms of having a strong foundation, if you're thinking long term about possibly taking performing as a career then yes, good ballet and modern/jazz technique will be very important. Tap is a very useful skill to have and certainly improves employability chances but is not a pre requisite for getting into college and wouldn't ever, I imagine, be part of a college audition process.

A final thing I would say is that make sure she is in a good school. I could go on forever about what to look for but mostly I would be seeing how many older students the school has and whether they have students who have gone on to dance college in the past.

I hope some of that is useful?! Feel free to pm if you want to ask any other questions!


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Re: Clueless! What classes to do?

Post by gingerbam » Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:07 pm

Hi there, for a 4 year old I think that is a good start, and that any more may make her tired and lose enjoyment. My daughter started Lamda at age 9 and for her that was soon enough. She also didn't start singing lessons till she was 9 and even then it was once a month for more technique and breathing etc. I would also if you have time maybe look at any local amdram companies to see if they have any auditions for younger ones as my daughter loves doing these and it has really given her a boost when getting a no from an audition. As she gets older she will guide you with what she wants and take this time for her to love and enjoy her classes. Before you know it she will be asking to take on more if she still enjoys it.

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