Drama school accreditation/ rankings

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Drama school accreditation/ rankings

Post by Fitz » Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:06 pm

It is becoming clear that DD (year 11) wants to go to drama school rather than university after college. She will be looking at straight acting rather than musical theatre. She already has her sights set on the usual suspects, but I'm well aware that it is incredibly competitive.

Beyond the very famous drama schools (RADA, Central, BOVTS, LAMDA etc.) how can she know which ones are going to be best as most of the organisations which accredited "good" courses seem to have folded, DramaUK being the most recent I think.

For spotlight and equity membership it isn't at all clear which courses will qualify.

DD doesn't have contacts and we are outside London, so how will she be able to find out? She will be applying in 18 months :shock:

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