Artistry Youth Dance auditions 2nd July

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Artistry Youth Dance auditions 2nd July

Post by Katymac » Mon May 29, 2017 3:21 pm

from their website:

"Artistry Youth Dance is a vibrant youth dance company that showcases and celebrates aspiring performers of African and Caribbean descent, aged 14-19 years. With a focus on Jazz and Contemporary dance, we aim to provide training and performance opportunities for our Company members, showcasing their talents and celebrating their artistry.

We hope that through Artistry Youth Dance, our participants will learn and develop their dance and performance techniques, enabling them to go on to further training in the Arts and a career in dance. We also support our dancers to develop a range of life skills that can be applied to any career they choose to pursue.

By celebrating and advancing the talents and artistry of young black dancers, our goal is to contribute to a more culturally diverse representation of performers in the UK dance industry.

We are always looking for talented individuals of African and Caribbean descent, aged 14-19 years, to join us. Click here to register for our next auditions taking place on the 2nd July!"

My daughter had a lovely time with them before starting fulltime college - they are lovely people :)

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