Dance training in Life - sickness

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Dance training in Life - sickness

Post by paulears » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:57 pm

Each year in panto I get some very able dancers - never ever concerned about their performance standards, but I'm amazed by their total lack of knowledge in some really important areas. Last year it was pay, tax, NI, pensions - that kind of thing but this year it's hygiene. They're all fit people but they've been passing bugs around like mad - they all seem to have colds and coughs and much is because they spend so much time together in the m/f group but are always in each others dressing rooms - so somebody coughing seems to zap the lot. None use a hankie - old fashioned perhaps, but they cough, sneeze and sniff all together, and I've even seen a couple have a crafty swig from somebody else's bottle of drinking water. None seem to ever have been told about germs. We have the same with some other departments - wardrobe all hang out together and even eat together and I hate going into their room, it's fun of germs. People go off because they're genuinely sick and suffering, but the building is full of hand sanitisers, and I never go past one without using it - but nobody else seems to? Quite a few refused the free flu injection because they had heard (incorrectly of course) that it gives you flu. One now looks like she's coming down with it. We can cope with 7 instead of 8, and perhaps even 6 with it looking a bit of a mess, but they're also understudies and 4 today have no voice. How can you get to 19 or so and not understand how germs work? I'm in a crocodile today, and flying Peter Pan because somebody else is ill, and I'm getting too old to squeeze into enormous creatures and creep around a stage, but our missing person spends all her spare time ....... in wardrobe!

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Re: Dance training in Life - sickness

Post by jennifer1972 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:10 pm

Maybe you just need to sit them down and have a 5 minute chat with them? I am always amazed how many women don't wash their hands after using a public toilet! I pointed this out to my daughter the other day and her response was that it was no big deal. So I asked her if she would be happy taking a few crisps from a bowl if that lady had just dipped her hand into it - her face said it all!! They all just need reminding every now and again :roll:

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