Accommodation performers college...getting desperate!

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Accommodation performers college...getting desperate!

Postby gillp » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:53 pm

Having no luck at all securing accommodation for 3 students who all want to share at performers college. Does anyone have any tips (I have rung round the list to no avail). No letting agents seem to have any properties either. Anyone had any luck with a particular agent or any idea what else we could try ? We are constantly checking spare room. They have a car between them so can travel and if worst comes to worst they would need to commute every day but with the Dartford tunnel to negotiate and the 8am start this is not ideal.
Thin advance for any advice.

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Re: Accommodation performers college...getting desperate!

Postby zodlebud » Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:36 pm

Are you only looking at student accommodation or short term rents?

My sister ended up taking a 10 month contract on a house with her friends whilst at dance college. She still had to pay during the holidays of course but they had an option to renew it each year and pay a small retainer for July / August. The landlord was happy to do this as it meant his property was occupied for 30 months out of 36 with great tenants (three year course).

It was unfurnished though. They did an IKEA shop and got it all delivered. They each had their own chair instead of a sofa in the living room. Cost about £250 to kit them out with bed, clothes rail, chest of drawers and chair.

Finding single rooms was no problem. Finding four rooms in the same place was impossible. This was the only way they could make it work.

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