permission refused. is head mistress being unreasonable?

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Re: permission refused. is head mistress being unreasonable?

Post by tikto » Wed Dec 09, 2015 9:14 pm

I personally would try and speak to your agent and ask to have castings as late in the day as possible, usually if they are for commercials or films they could try and accommodate but obv for something like MT it's often an early casting so that wouldn't be possible. I think dealing with the school that's not willing to allow some time off is perhaps unproductive. I wonder if your son was to get booked what would happen then with getting a school letter signed.... It's a difficult situation and seems unfair as some schools are more lenient than others....

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Re: permission refused. is head mistress being unreasonable?

Post by RoseTowers4 » Thu Dec 10, 2015 11:02 pm

Thanks for the feedback. All food for thought. Obviously as time goes on his attendance will improve so he can be put forward for things but hopefully in the meantime he won't lose out on any good opportunities. I have written a letter asking for clarification on attending castings/auditions though as I think I need something in writing. I've also pointed out that often auditions take the form of workshops which could be seen as educational so they might consider using a similar code to authorise them. I always feel that ds learns a lot from these opportunities and benefits from them. I'm not sure if they will agree though. I think you're right Tikto, about what would happen if ds should secure a role. I think I need to see what they reply to my rather extensive letter :oops:

I get a bit passionate in my writing sometimes... :)
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Re: permission refused. is head mistress being unreasonable?

Post by RoseTowers4 » Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:30 am

Just thought I would give an update on what happened as it may help other people in a similar situation.

Well, I wrote a letter to the school and got the response that it would be replied to when x was available. I waited and waited but got no reply. HOWEVER, in the meantime ds was in a dance club at school, and after some time, they performed at a venue with lots of other schools. The Head, Deputy and Assistant Head all went to watch (which was very supportive) and as the only boy in the group, my ds was obviously noticeable! He also got quite a few compliments from other people in the audience and several people were kind enough to stop me to say how good he was. I then asked for a day off for an audition and was told he could attend but they would be monitoring his attendance (which has been 100% since I last wrote). He's also been given permission to take time out of school to perform locally.

I think that by showing the school that we were supportive of them, they, in turn reciprocated. I really think it helped being able to 'show' them what he enjoys doing.

The school has recently been OFSTED inspected and they got outstanding in all areas for which they are justifiably proud. I think they should have replied to my letter but at the end of the day they have relented and allowed ds to audition/perform which was what I wanted. :D
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Re: permission refused. is head mistress being unreasonable?

Post by Gatesheadangel » Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:30 pm

The Head I worked for saw children as a whole person. She allowed authorised time off for performances, official competitionsite, cricket, football; she even thought allowing parents in our area (where teachers roles are never vacant because the salaries are seen as very high, which gives you some idea of our incomes) to take their children abroad would significantly benefit them in an activity the parents could not afford during term time, though these holidays were on the registers as unauthorised absence and we had a lot of them.

Children are officially tested in Year 1, year 2 and year 6. Our school did do well gaining floor standards, but not the higher levels of achievement. We used to be a good school, then ofsted changed the framework, and we required improvement. I cannot stress enough how education is being replaced with SATS SATS SATS.

Knowing the current year 6s are the best group for years, and having employed special teachers to teach the higher level papers separately to some students (because level 6 has its own different curriculum), the LEA decided to step in now so in the summer they will declare they 'turned the school around'.

They sacked the Head - no payoff in any form for this single parent who is faced with hideous decisions for her family - made all sorts of threats to the rest of us, and decisions for the highest and lowest paid which ignore the existence of employment law and are depriving many more of their livelihoods. All sorts of activities which broadened the curriculum are being abandoned and everyone is having it impressed on them it is SATS SATS SATS.

When you look at the ofsted of outstanding schools you will usually find praise of high levels of attendance.

My eldest DD is in a school where there are, despite the school's endless endeavours, a lot of kids who smoke, take drugs, shout at teachers and storm out. There are also a lot of kids who work hard and do well. It's not a hard and fast rule, but the family background nearly always determines which group the kids belong to.

I'm all for every school trying to get every child the best qualifications possible, but i'm at a loss how the system encourages a school to be frightened by the consequences of allowing a 6 year old to take a day off after the incredible feat of being offered an advert job.

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Re: permission refused. is head mistress being unreasonable?

Post by Missella88 » Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:07 am

I can only speak positively of ds primary school who have been amazing in allowing him to undertake everything that he has been offered to date, including 3 theatre productions, 2 commercials and a national tour which have all involved large amounts of time away from school. His absence from school is always coded as 'educated off site' due to the fact that the school recognise that his experiences away from school are enrinching his education rather than limiting it. Education isn't and shouldn't be just solely about the pursuit of academia and for many children the experience of being pigeon holed into the academic bracket causes unecessary heartache.

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Re: permission refused. is head mistress being unreasonable?

Post by paulears » Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:20 pm

What really surprises me in these cases are that the schools even object. They have, by design a huge slice of the wide social makeup of their catchment area. They have endless issues with the kids not wanting to be there, disrupting the learning of the others, and I get the distinct impression that when the troublesome kids do not turn up, they get an N in the register, and everyone breaths a sign of relief that everyone else will benefit by their absence. Many of these kids have no career aspiration whatsoever, and parents who can't be bothered, as they're waiting until their benefits get increased.

Having a child and supportive parent who at <16 are interested in their child's potential career should be a positive attribute, and I really can;t see why they don't fall over themselves to assist that child's early start in the career market. Surely it cannot be the inconvenience factor and blind adherence to rules the others disregard?

I just don't get heads that are this blinkered!

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