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speech for NYT

Post by the mumster » Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:53 am

My DD has an audition with NYT this weekend and we've just noticed she needs to prepare a 2 minute speech from a published play (bit slow on the uptake us!). Can anyone make a suggestion for a 15 year old girl? We've racked our brains and haven't come up with anything remotely age appropriate! Many thanks in advance
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Re: speech for NYT

Post by Fillyjonk » Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:38 pm

Just the one play? Any period?

What do you mean by appropriate?

When I did NYT many years back it was a Shakespeare and a contemporary for the audition. I did Louise's final speech from Road by Jim Cartwright. My friend did a speech from Miss Julie.

For my Shakespeare I did Imogen's speech from Cymbeline 'Yes,sir, to Milford Haven...' It's quite a demanding speech both physically and emotionally as she wakes up beside the headless body of a man.

Many of the National Theatre Connections plays for young people will have good material; there are loads of great plays by quality writers that don't patronise young performers.

Definitely ask the drama teacher. S/he will have loads of ideas and may also have a book or two of audition pieces for your daughter to pick from. Try to get her go for something that allows her to show a range of skills - vocally, physically, emotionally etc.

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