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Short Film!

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:33 pm
by awatson88
Hello everyone!
I've been cast in a short film 'Sam' being filmed this summer which raises very needed awareness on Gender Dysphoria/being Transgender and would really appreciate if any of you could share the link on social media or if you have any to spare could donate some money to help fund the project! Thankyou, it means a lot :D

Re: Short Film!

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:02 pm
by paulears
Please forgive me - but I went to the page, and a few things (totally unrelated to the subject material) popped out.

You have set a budget of £2000. I appreciate this sounds a lot. Try also say you are going to hire the equipment - cameras, sound, light etc - but there is no mention of hiring people who know how to use it!

It's quite common for final year film studies undergraduates to spend this kind of money for their end of course short, and they usually borrow most of the equipment. However, the standard is often pretty rough as the budget is eaten up so quickly.

The point of this post is to try to encourage you to stand back from the subject a little, and consider the practicalities. Reading the website - they've looked around and found you to be the acting talent. One of my good friends runs a group called Parliout - an organisation for LGB staff working for the Government. He spends far too long having to explain what they do in terms the words used. Now LGB is LGBTQ+ and we have dysphoria and GIT, so you have a big problem in a video getting the basic info sorted out.

What I've seen so far makes me wonder about the technical ability. Their clip they are using on that page is badly framed, poorly constructed and the repeated crash edits are the stuff beginners get taught to deal with early on.

I think the idea is wonderful, and the people in the clip are passionate about their subject - BUT - do they know how to write the script, do the directing and manage the technical things (which so far, look a bit naff). If you want to generate money to make a video on any subject - if video features in your quest for money - it needs to be good. Do you have anyone who is totally indifferent to the 'cause', who you can use as a soundboard to bounce the ideas off?

Two grand is going to evaporate if you don't monitor the whole thing, and I strongly suggest you get professional people involved who's skill is in making these things. Most professionals pay no attention to the content, and can jump in and say "I didn't get that", "what does that mean?", "don't understand" etc etc. They will also spot the production mistakes, that people on a mission will miss, or downplay.

From my own experience with 'causes', is that many start well, then never get finished. Or, if they do get finished, they are dreadfully dull to people who don't have the level of interest the makers had.

I'd seriously find out some more details before you fully commit - try to take a more distant view and look out for areas where enthusiasm and commitment aren't matched to ability.

I'm in the middle of a project at the moment where the Managing Director is talking about environmental issues, energy saving and other mumbo jumbo. After one long speech. I asked him if the new system would be cheaper for the customers? Of course, he said. I pointed out that in his enthusiasm and explanations, he'd not mentioned that once, and he lost me at the first mention of techno-babble about green issues. Never occurred to him - and he has spent over your budget already and we're about 20% into the project.

Re: Short Film!

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:41 pm
by awatson88
paulears wrote:Please forgive me - but I went to the page, and a few things (totally unrelated to the subject material) popped out.
Thank you very much for the feedback and although I can't say much towards the production of the film, I have sent it on to the producer/screenwriter and there are several points which she would like to address. The script has already been written, and has been shown to various directors/screenwriters, members of the LGBT+ community and also to charities which support the cause, and has been given highly positive feedback. I believe she has also gone to great lengths to gain feedback from many people who are both involved and completely ignorant to the topics of the film for both script, technicalities so has gained lots of tips and ideas on how to g about making the film. She is also hiring a director to work on the film and as you mentioned the equipment to try best create this.

I would like to point out this is all a personal project, with all of the money towards it coming from several jobs she is working and also through crowdfunding, so the film is being run on a small budget and team of cast with no intention of being incredible quality or status more to just achieve the goal to raise awareness through a short film.

The fundraising video was a compilation of self-made tapes, to just be brought together as a way to present the film to others to share, as the focus is more on the actual film itself so the framing and quality of each clip and the video altogether wouldn't be perfect.

I do understand your point where 'causes' can start well but be dull for those who do not share the passion; However with a project like this is it does speak out to a very large amount of people, and already many have reached out with support and personal comments thanking the writer/producer for bringing the topic to light.

On a personal level, before even knowing how the film will work out I have to admire the effort that she is putting into this as she is working incredibly hard to ensure every factor in the production of the film can work smoothly, and reaching out to as many sources as possible for any ideas or help.

I appreciate the points you had to address on the matter, I hope your project goes well too :)