How to film a Self Tape

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How to film a Self Tape

Post by lynnbee » Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:40 pm

Self tapes are so popular these days with casting agents I thought this post maybe of help to some parents and students. I have done numerous self tapes with my DD and know how difficult and time consuming they can be. Lynn
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Re: How to film a Self Tape

Post by missmoneypenny » Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:13 pm

Great idea - we do a lot nowadays. Can I also add that if you are using your iphone (I do) or iPad be sure you have it in landscape (with auto lock off) otherwise you will have a long thin recording in the centre of the screen.
Also, another method of sending is to upload to the Youtube app/ Youtube site making the video unlisted, not public - then you can edit from there with Youtubeeditor - and either download into MP4 or just send a view link

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Re: How to film a Self Tape

Post by paulears » Mon Jul 11, 2016 11:16 pm

One really important reminder - people always concentrate on the picture, and forget the sound. Iphones take pretty good pictures, but used more than a few feet away, in a poor sounding room - they don;t do a very good job on the sound. Close in, they're better, but most video cameras have better sound systems. Thin weedy sound will be what the person watching is listening to while writing - with just glances at the pictures sometimes.

Make the sound as good as you can.

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