Pop/Rock songs?

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Pop/Rock songs?

Post by Pandora II » Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:02 am

DD's singing teacher is trying to find some new songs for her that are a bit more pop/rock focused (but still age appropriate in terms of content and lyrics) that will make good audition pieces.

She's got a slightly unusual voice for her age (just turned 8) - a two and a half octave usable range, a fair bit of power - but he doesn't want her belting or heading too much down the Katy Perry track - and a slight natural vibrato in the lower registers that teachers and CDs seem to be keen on. So songs that show that off a bit are high on his list. They want to keep her sounding like a child as much as possible and she tends towards a more mature sound.

My knowledge of pop and rock is woeful unless it's 1980's Top of the Pops stuff, so any suggestions welcome!

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