On-line schooling

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On-line schooling

Post by Bbzoom » Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:04 pm

Does anyone have any experience of on-line schooling for secondary age? InterHigh etc. I am at the very beginning of considering this for various reasons. I know that some performing arts children do this to free up time and increase flexibility, hence me asking here. No SEN, reasonably bright and self motivated child. I like the idea of it and think it would suit, but worried about lack of evidence re quality of education and GCSE performance that would be easy to find for a bricks and mortar school. Thanks to anyway ne who can share any info.

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Re: On-line schooling

Post by 2dancersmum » Thu Nov 29, 2018 4:41 pm

If you have facebook, I would suggest searching for home education + your town to see if you can find a home ed group local to you who will be able to advise about your local education authority, options and any learning groups set up in your area. My local area has regular get together days for sports activities, drama and some small tuition groups on a pay as you go basis for specialist subjects - including foreign languages and sciences. I was only involved in home ed as a tutor and only up to about the age of 13/14 so cannot advise on GCSEs as such. Most of the children I taught actually returned to schools for years 9-11 but some did GCSEs at home. These were mostly through online courses with the exam then taken at a local school which allowed non-students to join their exam session. It certainly does allow more flexibility and free up time. Most of the ones I knew took a few subjects to an exam each year, rather than working up to exams en masse at the end of year 11. GCSE performance is therefore mixed in with the statistics produced for the local school/exam centre. I think home schooling needs a good deal of research and as I say local information especially but it can work successfully. Good luck to you

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