Not sure exams are legitimate?

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Re: Not sure exams are legitimate?

Post by paulears » Sun Oct 25, 2015 6:44 pm

The people who did the BDAF courses could simply print out their own certificate. It would have the same status as the one the character mentioned here would have printed out. I'm always very wary of organisation produced certificates. When I worked at a FE/HE college, we gave all sorts of self-produced certificates, and were quite careful with the descriptions = X has attended a, or X has completed a, course of study in Advanced Media Production. It really meant very little, but was a justification for the money they paid, and everyone was happy.

I suppose the problem is that qualifications are either Government aligned, so there is some kind of National Standard, or the are aligned to somebodies reputation. If you were keen on Shakespeare, then having Patrick Stewart's signature on your home produced certificate would be valuable, because he would be unlikely to damped his reputation by signing off somebody poor. This seems to be where the problem organisation messed up. A twenty odd year old person who really had no reputation to lose. Perhaps people are too excited by getting into these places, when they really hold the status of a good private dance school - only good in the local area. Outside, nobody has even heard of them.

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Re: Not sure exams are legitimate?

Post by woody » Sun Oct 25, 2015 7:25 pm

Caveat emptor.

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